14 Grove Lane, IP4 1NR - Ipswich, Suffolk
01473 487 847


Grove Guest House provides accommodation in the form of 5 bedrooms. Two bedrooms are allocated on the ground floor and three on the upper level.

Pre arrival

  • Bookings can be made online, by email and telephone. Landline and mobile numbers are both available.
  • The house is situated approximately 10 minutes from the town centre.The walk into town is a flat route. Leaflets are available in the room with bus timetables (buses locally have low level access).
  • Shop Mobility outlet is located in the Buttermarket in the town centre.

Arrival and Car Parking

  • A car park is available for residents to the rear of the house (accessed via Oxford Road).
  • We offer help with luggage from the car park.
  • From the car park there are 5 small changes of level to reach the front door of the house. Alternatively, access can be gained by public footpath, which is sloped as opposed to stepped.
  • There is an open porch with a small step into the property.
  • Lights are operated on a sensor, both at the rear and side of the property.
  • A front door key is provided for access for all guests to come and go as they please.

Entrance/ Hallway and Stairs

  • The hallway is carpeted and flat.
  • Access to the front ground floor bedroom is accessible by wheelchair.
  • Access to the second ground floor bedroom would be hindered by the narrowing of hallway.
  • The stairs up to the upper level are carpeted and have a handrail to one side.
  • There are 16 stairs to the upper level, with a rise of 170mm, going of 220mm and width of 760mm.
  • The first floor landing is all on one level and is carpeted.


  • All bedrooms have en suite shower rooms, there is a step into the shower cubicle in all rooms. There is also a toilet, sink and mirror with shaving point in each en suite.
  • There is central heating in each bedroom.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities are standard in each room.
  • There is a welcome folder with relevant information to your stay and emergency contact numbers.
  • There is no smoking throughout the guest house.
  • Free wi-fi is available throughout the house.
  • In the unlikely event that the fire alarm should sound the emergency light will illuminate enabling your safe exit from the building via the front door.